Ian leaves auto shops busy with cars waterlogged from rain, flooding

Cars flooded in Central Florida from Ian are now making their way to auto shops, like Motorworks of Florida in Sanford.

"These cars sat out in the rain for hours on end. [They took on] 15 or 16 inches of rain and they just couldn’t handle it," Robert Kinker, a mechanic at Motorworks of Florida, said.

Kinker said a car that was towed in Tuesday had more than two feet of water inside.

"Even on the inside of the door jam you can see the [water] line. It definitely filled this car good. It was nearly floating, I’m sure," Kinker said.


Kinker said Motorworks has already gotten about ten cars with water damage from Ian in the last few days from all over Central Florida. He expects even more to come into the shop. He said the problems range from electrical system failures, engines that are locked up, and a lot of water damage that needs to dry out quickly.

"The longer they wait, the more damage that’s going to be occurring in that vehicle," Kinker said.

Shabeer Kirmani, a customer, doesn’t have damage to his car from Ian, but the backlog from the storm is still impacting him. He dropped off his car before Ian hit and was supposed to pick it up a few days ago. He spent almost a week without a car, but said he understands the reason the auto shop is backed up.

"I wanted to make sure I didn’t pressure them. They do a fantastic job here. It’s about being there for everyone when the time matters," Kirmani said.

Kinker said the damage to waterlogged cars from Ian can range anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.