Authorities say maintenance man was attacked

A maintenance worker was attacked with a box cutter while trying to break up a fight. It happened Monday, in Ocala, now two men are behind bars. One of the owners of the Village Green apartment complex where it happened, told Fox 35, it was a fight that got out of hand.

Richard DeNicola, who is co-owner of the Village Green Apartments, told Fox 35 one of his maintenance men saw people slamming bottles on the ground. The maintenance man asked them to stop, but they didn’t. A fight started.

DeNicola explained “Then, his dad, who’s the head maintenance guy, he came over to stop it. Someone sliced him with a bit of a box cutter on the side and punctured him. It kind of, from there, slowed down.”

Police allege 20-year-old  Maximiliano Vazquez- Garcia  sliced the elder man in the stomach with a box cutter.

DeNicola  said  “He’s fine. He didn’t need stiches. He’s fine now. I sent him home today to rest.”
Police arrested Vazquez- Garcia and 21-year-old Melesio Lopez-Garcia. They’re facing charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. The report says a third man involved ran away.

“I hate it.” DeNicola  explained. “I hate crime here. I’ve been here for a year and a half straight. Every day, trying to clean this whole place up.”

DeNicola was just glad his maintenance man is OK. Ocala police are looking for that thirs person. If you’ve got any leads, give them a call.