Authorities investigate disturbance at marina

Police are searching for a Volusia County woman after an incident that had neighbors in a marina taking cover Wednesday.

This happened at the Halifax Harbor Marina in Daytona Beach. Police were called around 2:00 a.m. initially for a trespassing request from a boat docked at the marina.

"The owners of that boat, a man and a woman had called us to basically trespass a woman that was already on the boat," said Daytona Beach Police Spokesman Messod Bendayan. "That woman was involved in an intimate relationship with the male."

According to the Daytona Beach Police Department, the relationship was happening without his wife's knowledge. The man reportedly decided to end the relationship and told his wife about it before they both went to the marina to have the woman removed from the boat.

Upon arrival at the scene, authorities found the boat adrift about 15 to 20 feet from the dock and reported hearing several gunshots. The man confirmed there were firearms on board, including an AK-47 with 100 rounds and a shotgun.

Officers had to call in the Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife to assist with boats and get to the adrift boat.

After several hours they were able to get the boat back to dock. Inside, investigators said the boat was burnt to a total loss as were magazines for the guns, but all of the guns were found inside and accounted for.

The mistress however, was not found.

Police said they are now looking for 31 year-old Nikki Shriver as a person of interest. Shriver is not currently charged with anything, and officers said her phone was found inside the boat.

If Shriver’s name sounds familiar, it’s because Volusia law enforcement have had to search for her before.

The Sheriff’s Office confirms that Shriver was the woman investigators spent several days searching for in the Tiger Bay Wildlife Preserve last June. In that incident officials said Shriver had gone into the preserve making suicidal threats before her phone died. She was later located inside the preserve.

Now Daytona Beach Police said they need to find her regarding the incident at the marina.

"We don't know if she started the fire, we don't know if shots were fired,” said Bendayan. "She's strictly a person of interest, we'd just like to get her side of the story."

Anyone with information on Shriver’s whereabouts is asked to call Daytona Beach Police at 386-671-5100.