Authorities investigate arson cases in Lake Eola Heights

The Orlando Fire Department is investigating a string of arson cases in the Lake Eola Heights neighborhood.

Several garbage cans and dumpsters have been set on fire near homes.

“Our neighbor told us that there were flames as high as five feet coming out of trash cans just right over next to our apartment,” said Dan Makauskas, who lives on Highland Avenue. “You know, being as close to the building as it is I mean -- it was on the other side but it could easily catch and spread over here which is not good.”

Orlando Fire officials say there have been six incidents from Thursday to Sunday.

The trash fires have caused some damage in a few cases. Investigators say two fences burned and one motorcycle became involved in the fire.

The search for the person or people responsible is ongoing. Neighbors are hoping to get some answers soon.

“It starts as trash cans but it could go on to cars or apartments or any of the above. So I really hope they catch someone,” Makauskas said.

Orlando Fire says people should contact them with any information about the fires or any home surveillance video that may help the investigation.