Authorities in Clermont fighting graffiti

More graffiti is turning up in Lake County, as authorities search for whose doing it. Investigators say  a McDonald's billboard was tagged overnight, along U.S. Highway 27 in Clermont.

"We're getting hit quite a bit from someone we haven't identified yet," said Clermont Police Sgt. Shane Strickland.

The word "virus" has been spray-painted in several places.

"It's a shame. I don't see why people are doing it," said one resident, who identified himself as Steve.

Sgt. Strickland added, "We don't have anything that makes us believe it's a gang. We think it's the work of one person."

Police said it's causing thousands of dollars in damage -- from billboards to buildings.

"I believe it to be occurring overnight... hit several different businesses, hospital property, national training center, Zaxby's, Apple Bee's, local realtor office," Strickland said.

Police are asking residents for help in catching the culprit.

"Somebody know's who this is. They just need to step forward and let us do our job."

Anyone with information is asked to call the Clermont Police Department.