Attorneys demanding more information about a shooting involving deputies at Kissimmee Target

Attorneys representing four people who were inside a car during a shooting involving deputies in Osceola County claim Sheriff Marcos Lopez was misleading in a news conference he held on Monday.

One of the young men in the car died, and two others were injured and are recovering.

On Monday, the sheriff's office released security footage that shows one of the young men getting into the back seat of the car before deputies in unmarked vehicles block them in.

Sheriff Lopez said deputies put on flashing lights and identified themselves before the car drives into the deputies' vehicles.

Attorney Mark NeJame pointed out Tuesday that one of the deputies collides with the car first, before the driver, Jayden Baez, accelerates.

NeJame says you don't see flashing lights go on until that happens.

It all unfolded in a matter of seconds before deputies open fire.

"These individuals were in a fishbowl," NeJame said. "Sitting ducks sitting in their vehicle being riddled with multiple bullets over 46 dollars and change."

The Sheriff has pointed out that a loaded gun was found with Baez, but NeJame says there's no evidence he pointed it at deputies or that deputies could see it before they shot him.

The attorneys are demanding more information about the shooting.

"We do things a little differently here in Osceola County," Sheriff Lopez said on Monday. "We are going to make sure that this investigation has all the facts put forward. The shooting aspect of it is what the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is going to conclude."

"If this is the way they do it in Osceola County, it’s pretty damn scary," NeJame said.

NeJame also pointed out that one of his clients who survived, Michael Gomez, was shot in the back.

He said all of his clients maintain they didn't hear deputies identify themselves.