Artists unite to paint Kaepernick murals across Atlanta

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Several artists in Atlanta have united to paint tribute murals for former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick after a building with a wall depicting the athlete was demolished days before the Super Bowl.

Fabian Williams said he painted the mural on an abandoned building on Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard near the campus of Morehouse College more than two years ago. He said crews demolished the building last Friday.

"I can't really get inside the head of the person who decided this was a good idea," Williams said.

Williams posted video of the demolition, sparking online support and a movement. A group of artists started painting murals of Kaepernick on Super Bowl Sunday as a result.

Williams told FOX 5 at least eight are planned to go up. He said Kaepernick is a motivational figure for him and others. The athlete sparked a firestorm of controversy in 2016 after kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

"This is about all of us and what type of country we want to live in and what kind of people we want to be. America is still an ideal, and we are not going to achieve the dream until we actually get out and do the work," Williams added.