Artificial intelligence may soon observe how you shop in the real world

The idea of 'smart shopping' could soon take on a whole new meaning, as artificial intellgience may soon start keeping an eye on how you shop in the real world.

Cameras have been watching us in retail stores for decades to make sure that we are not taking things without paying. Now, they may be combined with artificial intelligence to see what it is we are shopping for and who we are. The goal of this is to show shoppers targeted real time ads on video screens placed throughout stores

Mood Media recently showed off a so-called smart shelf, which aims to detect if you are happy or sad when you see a product. Cineplex Digital Media has a screen that can tell if you had a beard or were wearing glasses and show you an ad for razors or new frames. Even retail giant Wal-mart is testing some artificial intellgence, but just to keep an eye on inventory.

Artificial intelligence can be used to ensure that the products you want are fresh when you reach for them on the shelf and that there is enough supply for the demand. 

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.