Arrest made in alleged street racing incident in Orange County

Jessica Mercier is fed up with the unwanted wake-up calls she and her family are getting, between midnight and 3:30 ever Sunday morning.  

"Like roaring engines, backfiring, loud music. People yelling.  It's ridiculous," said Mercier.  "It does spook them. My son wakes up multiple times a night." 

The revving, the screeching, and the noise coming from street racers who turn Orange Avenue near the 417 into their race strip.

Florida Highway Patrol spokesperson Steven Montiero says his trooper rolled up on a big organized race. 

"He observed several people out in the roadway anywhere from 70-80 cars. They even had innocent drivers caught up in the middle of it they were preventing to go. These people were stopping other drivers from being able to go home basically," said Montiero.

FHP arrested 20-year-old Gerami Guzman, charging him with participation in an unlawful race.  Troopers say he wasn't driving, he was stopping traffic and acting as the starter.

"Waving his hands initiating this type of race. Basically being the start up guy saying ready set go," said Trooper Montiero.

Less than a month ago troopers captured dash cam video of an illegal race on Lake Nona Boulevard.  Both roads are marked with skid marks and donuts.  Trooper Montiero says what's really frustrating his troopers is the threat of law enforcement doesn't seem to faze the street racing community. 

"He observed two separate races prior to that went broke it up then as he's pulling up watches a race start up and watches the same individual flag another set of cars. At that point the Sgt. said this is enough," said Trooper Montiero. 

He says it's only a matter of time before someone gets killed again watching or participating in an illegal street race.

FHP said they will continue to make arrests in their crack down on street racing.  They encourage racers to visit local drag strips, where people can race legally and in a safer environment.