Armed robbery suspect still on the run

Orlando Police have released dramatic new surveillance video hoping that it will help them catch an armed robber.

A man walks in to a Citgo, jumps over the counter, and threatens the owner at gunpoint if he does not fork over the cash.

The owner of the Citgo and his wife were both taken aback. They had just relocated to Orlando about 9 months ago from the United Kingdom. They do not have much experience with guns. 

Despite this, the owner's wife leaps towards the suspect during the robbery. 

The suspect still managed to flee the scene with money and is on the run.

The husband said that "I have never seen a gun before. I was shocked. I don't know what to do. I just followed exactly what he said, opened the drawer, and gave him all the money I had."

The owner also said that he is putting more security cameras in the store and closing an hour early now.

If you know who the armed robbery suspect is, Orlando Police want to hear from you.