Armed gunman hit Leesburg Burger King

Detectives in Leesburg and Mt. Dora are comparing notes after a pair of late-night robberies at fast food restaurants over the past week.

Wednesday night two masked me forced their way into the Burger King located at 10849 U.S. Highway 441.
Police say the suspects forced their way in shortly after 10 p.m. as an employee was leaving through a side door. 
According to the Leesburg Police Department report on the incident the robbers hit the employee in the head with a pistol, causing minor injury to his forhead.

The robbers force the man and two other employees into the freezer, robbed them of their personal belongings, and grabbed cash from the safe. 

“It does appear to have very similar MO to the McDonalds Robbery in Mt. Dora.  Our detectives have been in contact with Mt.  Dora police department,” said Leesburg Police Department Lt. Joe Iozzi.

At around 3:30 a.m. on May 18, three masked men were caught on surveillance video approaching the McDonald’s at U.S. Highway 441 and Donnelly  in Mount Dora.  Employees told police the men went into the restaurant with guns, robbed  customers and employees, and then forced the victims into the freezer. 

Those suspects are still on the loose.

“[It’s]too early in the investigation to make any positive comparisons.  There are some self evident similarities from the onset of the investigation and we’re looking into that right now,” Iozzi said.