Apopka suspects arrested in a string of car break ins in Polk County

Four suspects are behind bars after a string of car break-ins in Polk County.

“It’s like, we’re not safe anymore. It's not a safe neighborhood anymore,” said Anibal Ramirez.

Residents in several Davenport neighborhoods, like Ramirez, are on edge after the break-ins happened in Four Corners and in the Loma Vista, West Haven, and Loma Del Sol subdivisions.

"I looked out my front story window and saw two two guys in the middle of the road with their hood tied real tight, and then I saw a third one trying to break into my neighbor's car,” said Dustin Covey.

Several residents called 911, which led to the arrest of three adults and a 16-year old, all from Apopka.  Investigators now believe they are connected to more than a dozen car break-ins in the area.

“We were responding to a suspicious vehicle. When we arrived, we found the suspicious vehicle was one that was stolen, and they stopped the vehicle and [the suspects] fled in four different directions,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Judd said they are now comparing notes with other agencies to see if the suspects are connected to any other crimes.

“We’re still working on this case as well, because we arrested another group of folks not too long ago with the same kind of 'MO' [modus operandi], so our detectives are in a full court press to see what may have been stolen,” Judd said.

Meanwhile, residents like Ramirez are being extra cautious.

“I would leave my car unlocked, like nothing. I wouldn’t worry about it , but now of course, I will!” Ramirez said.

Deputies said they are still looking for a possible fifth suspect.