Alshon Jeffery surprises elementary school after second grader pens heartfelt letter

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A second grader has some uplifting words for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who took the blame for the team's season-ending loss against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.  

"I let my teammates down... that's on me," Jeffery said following the Eagles' 20-14 loss.

Abigail Johnson, 8, says she is a huge Eagles fan and watched in disbelief.

"He was probably crying and thinking to himself I probably let my team down and now I feel like I'm a bad player to my team," Abigail said.

While pundits returned to their usual Monday morning quarterbacking, Abigail turned to a creative writing assignment in school.

Raymond Johnson, a pastor and father of four from West Chester, shared the letter that Abigail wrote on Twitter.

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"Don't give up on playing football," Abigail wrote. “I know you can do it. We all know you are a good player.”

Abigail’s teacher, Alli Morris, says the students each wrote a letter to boost Jeffery’s morale, but that Abigail’s letter – decorated in hearts on homemade stationary – was particularly heartfelt.

Abigail’s father, Raymond, says she plays soccer and can relate to how Jefferey must have felt.

“We expect it when we're there. We're coaching and [have] some of those moments,” he tells FOX 29. “But it was interesting to see that that came out in her writing at that time.”

The full text of the letter can be found below:

On Thursday, Alshon Jeffery surprised the second grade class in West Chester.