Aloft Hotel hosts new dog in residence program

The Aloft Hotel in downtown Orlando is getting two paws up for its new five star service.  The hotel is teaming up with Pet Alliance of Orlando for a new “dog in residence” program. 

“We are now a foster home for dogs that are up for adoption through Pet Alliance,” says Kelsey Brown, Guest Services Manager and self-professed dog mom. “We host one dog at a time in a customized enclosure they live in until they are adopted.”

“Bella Perez” is the newest dog in residence at the hotel.  Her doghouse a custom built mini-version of the Aloft compliments of local architect Patrick White and RLF of Orlando.  The sweet Chihuahua surrendered after her owners decided she was just too big.  She is now a perfect fit for the hotel lobby’s new adoption program.

“It allows the community to help us solve a problem which is over population of dogs and cats that need homes, says Steve Bardy with Pet Alliance of Orlando.  It allows us to expand our group, so that those who might not come into a shelter, might come down here.”

Dog walks and plenty of attention are just one of the many positive benefits for staff, locals and hotel guests alike.  The dog gets 24-hour attention from hotel staff, and guests can even sign up to walk the dog.

“A lot of our guests are traveling away from their homes and their own pets, says Kelsey, and it makes it feel like a more comfortable place.”

Four Aloft Hotels now host a dog adoption program with nearly 200 dogs finding their “furever homes” since 2014.  The Aloft Orlando started their program three weeks ago.  Bella is now their sixth dog in residence.  Both partners agree, the results have been awesome.  The adopters a mix of staff, locals and hotel guests.

“Some guests check in and love the dog so much they check out with it, says Kelsey.