Alligator crashes picnic at University of Florida

A Florida couple, enjoying a nice picnic by the lake, got a surprise from an unwanted guest.

The whole meal Taylor Forte had set up at Lake Alice, on the University of Florida campus, was meant to be a quiet, romantic moment to share with her fiancé, Trevor.  Then, a toothy "third wheel" showed up to crash the party.

"Out of nowhere, a big gator started swimming toward us real fast and we're like, 'Eh, it probably won't get out of the water. We'll just chill, it's fine,' and then it ran up on the bank!" explained Taylor Forte, a student at the University of Florida.

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The hungry reptile feasted on their spread.

"Demolished all our food...threw up the block of cheese into his mouth, caught it like a dog!" Forte said.  It cracked our 'guac' bowl, so now we have a bowl with gator teeth in it."

When the alligator finished the meal and just sat there looking for dessert, Trevor had to get creative.

"He did do the bear scare. He ran up and acted all big, and it hissed and got angry and then it left."

Luckily, no one was hurt, and there was no serious damage, besides the guacamole bowl.

"We were well aware that there's gators out there," said Forte.  

Still, it was not exactly how Taylor expected the date to go. 

"No, no, but definitely memorable!"