Alleged fake cop busted by real ones

Police officers in Winter Garden say an officer in a marked patrol car, pulled over a fake cop in a fake, unmarked car.  They say his lights in the windshield were even brighter than the lights on unmarked car used by the police force.

With flashing lights and official-looking numbers, the fake car appeared to resemble the real thing.  What gave it all away was a license plate frame, officers say. That's when a real policeman spotted the alleged impersonator in a Dodge Charger.

Investigators say 53-year-old Albert Dolan pretended to be an officer with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and a DEA agent.

A real officer says he saw Dolan speeding down Winter Garden Vineland Road with his lights flashing, going 66 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.  At first, that officer pulled over, yielding to what he thought was an undercover cop.  But investigators say Dolan's decorative license plate made the officer suspicious, so he followed him and eventually pulled him over. 

Officers say Dolan's lights were installed in the windshield and had controls similar to real patrol cars, but when activated, they were even brighter than the real thing.

They say Dolan reeked of alcohol, so they arrested him.   Dolan is out of jail on bond.

If you're ever pulled over and not sure if it's a real officer, police say to ask for credentials.