Alafaya parents say development is causing overcrowding at Timber Creek High

Some parents in East Orange County say Timber Creek High School is overcrowded and development needs to slow down.

According to a 2021 Enrollment Report, Timber Creek High has more than 3,500 students but only has the capacity for just over 2,400. They blame it on rapid growth in the area. 

"They’re dividing our graduating class in half because there’s so many kids," explained parent Sarah Gonder. 

"I picked this neighborhood because of an A-rated school, Timber Creek," parent Angela Emerson told FOX 35 News. "It’s at 142% capacity."

According to the Orange County School District, East River High opened in 2009 to relieve overcrowding at Timber Creek, but these parents say that’s not an option. 

"I think that’s very unfair for the homeowners who picked their homes based on the school," Gonder added.

"Makes me feel like the homeowners, the Florida Orange County taxpayers are overlooked," said Emerson.

We reached out to Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero about development in District 4, which includes the Alafaya area. 

"There’s a lot of development going on. Thousands of new homes coming yes." 

She said she is working with residents concerned with development, and that’s why these moms don’t plan on backing down. 

"She still urges us to continue to fight so that’s what we’re doing," Gonder said.

The school district says an alternative would be rezoning some students who live close to Timber Creek to another school. 

Currently, developers do have to get a capacity enhancement agreement from the district. If the development causes overcrowding the developer has to help pay for changes to help relieve it.

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