Alachua County might ban stores from selling tobacco to anyone under 21

Alachua County is thinking about banning stores from selling tobacco to anyone under the age of 21.

County Commissioners voted on Tuesday night to put an ordinance together to see what it would look like. Then, they will put that before the public at a meeting.

This move is not being well received by those between 18 and 21. Thomas Mooney says that "it's just a very confusing statement on okay, how responsible do you think I am? I can vote, I can serve in the military, I can drive a hunk of metal down the street, but I can't enjoy a cigar responsibly? That just doesn't make sense to me."

Alachua County Communications Director Mark Sexton told the News Station that commissioners seem to be leaning towards a ban on sales to those under 21. The research shows that the ages between 18 and 21 are a particularly vulnerable period in a person's brain development and life. Many people kind of fix their cigarette habit at that point in their life."

On Tuesday night, commissioners voted in favor of asking for a sample ordinance and to bring it back to a public hearing. 

Mooney went on to tell the News Station that this won't stop him from occasionally smoking a cigar. "I think it's pointless. People will go to the next city or the next party over."

Commissioners have not yet picked a date to let the public give their opinion on this.