Airlines say passengers who refuse to wear masks could be blacklisted

Some U.S. airlines say passengers could be punished if they refuse to wear a mask.

Passengers who defy directions to cover their faces during a flight may be blacklisted and unable to fly with the airline for a period of time.

“That’s very interesting,” said Amber Landry, who was traveling Tuesday with her family.

“You’ve got to do what you have to do for the safety of everybody else, right?” said traveler Nzinga Gordon.

Travelers at the Orlando International Airport already know masks are required while onboard, but are people following the rules?

“Everybody pretty much wore their mask to get on the plane and then once they got on, it was a little more relaxed. And then put them back on to get off,” Landry said.

Airlines for America, the trade organization representing top U.S. airlines like Delta, American, Southwest and United, just announced there will be penalties for people who don’t put on a mask when asked to do so.

United laid out its policy online.  

The airline said: “...Any passenger that does not comply when onboard a united flight will be placed on an internal travel restriction list. Customers on this list will lose their travel privileges on united for a duration of time to be determined pending a comprehensive incident review.”

Some people are questioning if the punishment is too harsh, especially when you’re spending several hours in the air.

“At that point, it’s that long of a flight, people are going to be sleeping. It’s going to fall off. It is what it is,” said Marshall James who was flying home to Utah.

Whether you like it or not, United's policy goes into effect Thursday.

The airlines say they will warn passengers and provide them with face masks before looking at banning them.

There are also exceptions for people who cannot wear masks because of a medical condition and small children.