Air Mobile Ministries helping thousands in Ukraine, Poland

Headlines of red lines and war crimes continue in Ukraine. Russia’s attempt to seize its western neighbor has triggered Europe’s worst refugee crisis since the second world war. Joe Hurston with volunteer group Air Mobile Ministries is flying straight into the danger zone.

"This is still an extremely dangerous and fluid situation," Hurston said.

 Hurston took a flight out of Orlando about a week ago, ready to work both sides of the border. So far, their team of three have delivered nine water purifiers to Poland and Ukraine, each one capable of providing clean water to a thousand people in some hardest-hit areas.

"Let’s say a bombed-out building where people are trapped inside, but there is water inside the building but highly contaminated, that gives them the ability to have a portable water treatment plant wherever they are," Hurston said.

But in the middle of tragedy, Hurston says there is evidence of resilience. He gives an example of a man playing the piano in the middle of a refugee camp in Poland.

"Amid this tension and heartache and tragedy, this spectacular music, and it was absolutely awesome," he added.

It was a contrast of beauty and love overtaking tragedy and heartache," Hurston said.

He says it's a sign that the Ukrainian people haven’t lost their faith. 

"It is a heartbreak, but also such a picture of God's great love. There is no question in my mind that the Ukrainians are actually pushing back," Hurston said.

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