Air Mobile Ministries going on another trip to Ukraine

A Brevard County ministry is heading back to Ukraine for the third time since Russia invaded. Volunteers with Air Mobile Ministries will take water purifiers with them. Each one can purify enough water for 1,000 people each day.

Titusville pilot returning to Ukraine for aid work

Local pilot Joe Hurston is about to make his third trip to Ukraine to deliver life-saving water purifiers to people trapped in the war zone. Before he heads to Ukraine again on Monday, Hurston and his wife Cindy prayed at Titusville’s Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

Biden sees a bigger role for US farms due to Ukraine war

President Biden vowed to help farmers try to ease a global spike in food prices as he visited a family farm and unrolled policies meant to increase harvests in ways that the administration believes could also help to reduce grocery bills at home.