Air Force veteran, daughter lose home, animals in fire

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A Hall County family's home caught on fire and collapsed Tuesday night. No one was hurt but the house was a total loss. Now the family is left looking for a place to live just weeks before Christmas.

"My life was there… nothing... it’s like everything disappeared," said Deborah Kolbe.

It was an emotional moment for Kolbe as she saw for the first time what was left of her Hall County home. Flames ripped through the house on Lookout Court Tuesday night.

Thankfully, Deborah and her 15-year-old daughter Reagan were not there at the time.

"There is nothing... nothing... we have nothing, absolutely nothing. I went to Walmart yesterday to get outfit and this is all I have," Kolbe said.

The pain cuts deep for the mother and Air Force veteran. Her daughter Reagan has autism and loves playing with her Legos, dinosaurs, and her many pets. They lost most of them in the fire, more than 20 reptiles, 12 cats, and one dog. Firefighters were able to rescue a dog and a cat.

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"Most of the ones I adopted were wild and they didn't have a place to go. I wanted them to have a good life warm in winter and cool in the summer," said Kolbe.

This is a heartbreaking loss for this family right before the holidays.

"We just put up our tree... we have just put it up," Kolbe said.

But there is a silver lining as Deborah and Reagan still have each other.

"I'm more worried about her having a good Christmas a decent Christmas with everything gone," said Kolbe.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. The family needs everything: a home, toys for Reagan, and personal hygiene products.

An online account has been established to help the Kolbe family recover. Anyone who would like to donate can do so at