AG Moody emphasizes impact of illicit fentanyl in drug-related deaths

Attorney General Ashley Moody, Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Mark Glass, and Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods issued a dire warning in response to the release of new statewide drug death data. 

The 2022 Florida Medical Examiners’ Drugs in Deceased Persons Annual Report reveals that over 6,200 individuals died as a result of fentanyl use in 2022. Although the report indicates a 3% decrease in the overall number of drug-related deaths in Florida for the first time since 2018, the persistent high rate of drug overdoses is attributed to the influx of illicit fentanyl across the U.S. Southwest Border.


Attorney General Ashley Moody emphasized the impact of illicit fentanyl from Mexico, causing over 100,000 annual American deaths. She underscored Florida's proactive measures, including coordinated criminal interdiction efforts, opioid reversal medications, and innovative treatment approaches. Moody called for border security and urged those struggling with addiction to seek help, directing them to resources available at

Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods compared investigating fentanyl-related deaths to a homicide investigation, identifying fentanyl as a prolific killer streaming across an unsecured border. He criticized cartels and dealers for prioritizing profit over human lives.

The report disclosed a 3% decrease in fentanyl-related deaths in Florida, with an overall 5% decline in opioid-related deaths.