Disney's Animal Kingdom welcomes new baby African elephant: Meet Corra

Disney's Animal Kingdom Savanna has a new resident!  

A baby elephant named Corra was recently born at the theme park. The African elephant is just two months old and 312 pounds.

Her mom, Nadirah, was also born at Disney, making Corra the first second-generation elephant in Animal Kingdom’s history. 

(Photo: Disney Parks Blog)

She will join a herd that also includes her aunts, Stella and Luna, and her grandmother, Donna. Her dad, Mac, also lives at the park. 


This has been two years in the making. 

Disney's animal care team monitored Nadirah to see when she may be ready to become a mother. Then, she had a nearly 22-month pregnancy.

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Behind the scenes, teams have been working to ensure the genetic diversity and healthy population of the African elephants, as they are a critically endangered species.