After Trump rally, comes the clean-up

They came, they partied, they left a mess.  Downtown Orlando is slowly getting back to normal, after President Donald Trump’s visit on Tuesday evening to officially launch his 2020 re-election bid.

It’s time to take out the trash downtown. After Tuesday night’s party, downtown is feeling a bit hungover but many are happy about the money they brought in at the the "45 Fest" party.

Lots of items and trash were left behind. The city says it’s up to the Trump campaign to take out the trash and pay for it. Meanwhile, businesses nearby felt the effects of the rally Tuesday night.

“It was a pretty busy day. We probably did double the amount of sales than we normally do,” said Chef Eddie’s owner Eddie James.

“Normally, Tuesdays are a little more quiet so it was definitely insane,” said Stephanie Mohammed, who worked at Harry Buffalo downtown.

They’re still feeling it this morning.

Mohammed says it was worth it for the money they brought in, and she wasn’t alone in feeling that way. According to this contract between the city and the Trump campaign, the campaign agreed to pay more than $145,000 to use the Amway Center. The city says the campaign paid in full.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says they won’t know how much they paid in overtime until their pay period ends, next Saturday. There’s a chance, they say, that they may be reimbursed with federal grants.

Businesses downtown say the late-night party was worth every penny, even if it came with a bit of a hangover.

“I thought it was going to be a little more calmer than that but it was a lot,” said Mohammed.“It was definitely a win for the businesses along this strip,” said James.

Considering all the people who were at 45 Fest Tuesday night, very few arrests were made.  Orlando Police say they only made two for battery and disorderly conduct.