After outburst in court, Kalamazoo shooting suspect bound over for trial

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UPDATE: The alleged shooter in the Kalamazoo Uber driver rampage has been bound over for trial on all 16 charges. 

Jason Dalton's case was bound over after a bizarre outburst earlier in the day causing the hearing to be postponed. He is suspected of killing six people and injuring two others. Court is expected to be back in session.

Court was in session earlier for Jason Dalton, the man accused in three separate shootings in the Kalamazoo area earlier this year. A survivor, Tiana Carruthers, was the first person to take the stand Friday morning in a preliminary exam hearing, which determines if there's enough evidence to take Dalton's case to trial.

After just a few minutes into her testimony, Dalton said something to interrupt Carruthers on the stand. The judge advised Dalton that he was not to talk aloud, and that if he had something to say he should whisper it into his attorney's hear. Dalton stopped talking, but his interruption apparently made Carruthers very uncomfortable as she burst into tears and shielded herself from looking at him.

Judge Christopher Haenicke asked Carruthers if she would like to continue testifying, but she was too overcome with emotion. Deputies removed Dalton from the courtroom.

His interruption was mostly incoherent, but he was mentioned something about "black bags" and "getting to temple." Police have quoted Dalton as saying a "devil figure" on Uber's app was controlling him during the shootings. He was driving for Uber the night of the shooting back in February of 2016. 

Others in the courtroom took time to console Carruthers and each other after the outburst.

Court will be in recess until 12 p.m. It will then continue with Dalton video conferencing in from jail. You can watch on our livestream at

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