AdventHealth returns to 'red status' as COVID-19 admissions slow

Starting Wednesday, AdventHealth's Central Florida Division will transition to "red status"  from "black status."

This means some surgical procedures, which had been deferred, will now be able to move forward. Officials say they're able to make this change because fewer COVID-19 patients are being hospitalized.

There’s been a hold on some of those surgeries for weeks as hospitals were stretched to their limits because of the high number of COVID-19 patients.

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"Black" status meant they were only doing the most serious outpatient procedures and none that required an overnight stay. They say the number of new coronavirus patients seems to be leveling off, so "red" status means that they're now scheduling same-day outpatient procedures. 

But officials say they continue to see significant numbers of COVID patients. They also say the Chief Medical Officer needs to sign off on any non-emergency outpatient procedures for now.

"I believe we have peaked and we are looking at the beginning of what we believe to be that downward curve," said Dr. Neil Finkler with AdventHealth.

Officials are continuing to remind residents to get the COVID-19 vaccine. They say less than 10-percent of people who are being seen for COVID cases at the hospital were fully vaccinated. 

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