Actor Robert De Niro spotted at Central Florida restaurant

Staff at a Titusville restaurant say it was nerve-wracking when Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro walked through the door and took a seat at a table.

Server Ashley Hughes was working at Pier 220 when he came in. “When we got the phone call saying he's coming, we were like really? Really?” Hughes said.

They say the star of cinema classics like The Godfather and Casino was at the restaurant with his son and another man. “Visiting the Space Center, he took his son, but could be other things too,” Hughes said.

Manager Danielle Van Wart said they wanted to make sure he had a good experience there. “We were standing around at the host station, walking around, making sure everything was nice and clean and the food was gonna be great for him, but we also wanted to give him his space so we didn't bother him,” she said.

Van Wart said that afterwards, De Niro was happy to take a few photos with the staff. “We waited until the very end when he signed and got up, and asked could we get a picture? He was very cool, like yeah, go ahead!”

Restaurant staff said De Niro was there for more than an hour and a half  and he was a good tipper.