Accused airport gunman faced judge, bond set

The accused airport gunman, Michael Pettigrew,  who engaged officers in a standoff with a fake gun on Tuesday night faced a judge this morning.

Pettigrew has been charged with Aggravated Assault of Firefighter or Law Enforcement Personnel.

He was also appointed a public defender. 

His bond is now set at $7,500, despite the Defense's attempt to have it lowered to $2,500. It is also higher than the standard bond of $5,000. The judge set the bond so high because of his prior convictions and his "sparse ties to the community."

He also can no longer own a gun or go to the airport.

Pettigrew had the chance to speak some. He told the judge that he is "currently a student at Valencia East Campus. I'm going for an associate's in science. I live with my parents. I've lived there for about 15-16 years." 

He went on to say that he is "not employed part-time, my parents help part-time. I know it's pathetic, I'm too old to have my parents pay for school but they're trying to help me out."

Finally, he also said "I'm just a student at Valencia. Obviously not anymore after this but."

Pettigrew is the man accused of sending Orlando International Airport into a halt Tuesday when police said Pettigrew showed up in the rental car area of Terminal A with a fake gun. The incident sparked a two-hour standoff with police that investigators believe was an attempt at “suicide by cop.”