'A little hope and a little happiness': Oviedo man sings on front lawn for neighbors

An Oviedo man working to bring happiness to his neighborhood during the coronavirus pandemic through song. 

Rich Bresenhan is using the power of his voice to bring his Oviedo neighbors together during this uncertain time while remaining socially distant. 

"We all feel helpless and trapped with everything that’s going on and this was one way for me to share the love and show people here that they’re not alone," Rich Bresenhan said. 

Bresenhan decided to sing in front of his Oviedo home this past week and his neighbors listened from their own front lawns. 

"It’s important because people are scared, we don’t know what’s going to happen people are already looking for money and are in trouble worried about their health," said Bresenhan. 
He hopes the small gesture will help put minds at ease, even if just for a few minutes. 

"That was the whole purpose to give a distraction in the midst," said Bresenhan. "A little hope and a little happiness." 

He's hoping others will be inspired to find creative ways to be alone, together.