911 dispatcher helps deliver baby over phone

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An emergency dispatcher was presented with a special certificate after she helped deliver a baby over the phone Tuesday.

Just before 10 a.m., a man called Roswell 911 because his wife had just given birth to their baby eight weeks early and the child was still inside the amniotic sac.  The man immediately requested a Spanish-language interpreter.

"She's fine, but the baby is still in the bag," the interpreter can be heard saying on the call.

Dispatcher Gina Thrasivoulou took the call and helped walk the man through what to do to free the baby as the interpreter translated every step. 

"You want to stay calm because it translates well to them and then it helps them stay calm," said Thrasivoulou.  "[Be]cause initially he was very scared and then throughout the call he kind of calms down."

She stayed on the line with the man until paramedics could arrive.

"We are very proud of the job our 911 team does every day," Roswell police said on Facebook. "When you call 911, be confident that our staff are well-trained and provide the highest standard of service."

Roswell emergency officials said the baby girl and her mother are doing fine.