911 calls released in Apopka murder

The Seminole County Sheriff's Office has released 911 calls in the case of a woman who was murdered. They say the accused killer, Asgierr Ulfr,  26, of, Apopka, is the 911 caller.  Investigators said he called 911, pretending to be a gunshot victim.

"Do you know who it was that shot you?" the 911 operator asks. "No, they were wearing a mask," Ulfr responds.  "I was coming to drop off a key to my friend."

Deputies say this is all an act on his part.  Ulfr explains that that a home invader shot him and killed 20-year-old Christina Scarr, a co-worker and former roommate.

"Ok where were you shot at?" the 911 operator continues. "My foot. I was shot in my foot," Ulfr answers.  "I'm bleeding."
In the recording, you can hear Ulfr talking to Scarr.  He tells the dispatcher she isn't responding.

"I don't think she was shot. I don't see any blood around her at all," he tells the operator.

At one point, he asks if police officers are coming.  

"I don't want to talk to cops," he says.

After the 911 operator attempts to talk Ulfr through an attempt to resuscitate Scarr, deputies arrive.

Ulfer was later arrested and charged with murder.  The death remains under investigation.