911 calls released from Winter Park wedding where police shot, killed guest

New details have been released about what went on inside a deadly Winter Park wedding reception.

Winter Park police have released the 911 calls describing the moments before police got there. 

"I have a very irate drunk guest. He has no shirt on, he’s on the outside of the building. He’s trying to beat people up, he’s yelling. He’s very drunk," a caller is heard saying.

Photos: provided by family

Photos: provided by family

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Family members of 39-year-old Daniel Knight gave FOX 35 News video from the wedding, showing tension was high between some guests and officers when they got there. 


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The caller continues: "It's getting bad. They’re saying for me to move away because people are making him mad. Anybody of authority is making him angry."

Winter Park police say when an officer tried to separate Knight from another guest, he punched the officer and knocked him out.

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Investigators say when Knight turned to the second officer, a taser was deployed, but it didn't stop him. That's when officers were forced to open fire, killing Knight.

The family claims the police's version of what happened is wrong.

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