Officer first used Taser on man shot, killed by police at Winter Park wedding reception: report

New details have emerged in the shooting of a man by a Winter Park police officer at a wedding reception on Saturday. 

The Winter Park Police Department released a 911 call that was received around 9:39 p.m. with the caller reporting that the man was assaulting guests at the wedding reception, including grabbing people by the neck and shoving people to the floor.  

"I have a very irate drunk guest, he's got no shirt on, he's on the outside of the building, he's trying to beat people up, he's yelling, he's very drunk," the caller said. 

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That man was later identified as the uncle of the bride, Daniel Knight.  The woman speaking with dispatchers said she saw Knight attacking an older woman who she believed may have been his mother.

"It’s getting bad. They’re saying for me to move away because people are making him mad," the caller said. "Anybody of authority is making him angry."

According to the police department, Knight, 39, punched one police officer who arrived to calm the situation. 

"Mr. Knight punched the officer in the face knocking him to the ground and rendering him unconscious," the department said in a statement.  

According to investigators, Knight then turned toward a second officer who deployed his Taser.


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"That resulted in no change in behavior," the department read. "Mr. Knight struck the second officer causing him to fall to the ground. Mr. Knight continued to advance, again striking at the fallen second officer. Mr. Knight was shot by the second officer."

Officers rendered medical aid to Knight until a Winter Park Fire Rescue crew arrived to transport him to the hospital where he died.

Photos: provided by family

Photos: provided by family

Both officers were also transported to the hospital, treated for non-life-threatening injuries, and were released the same day. 

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The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has launched an investigation into the officer-involved shooting, as is standard procedure. 

Photos: provided by family

The family claims this narrative from the police is not accurate. They said Knight was not attacking guests and was unarmed. They said he he didn’t deserve to die.. A family member said in a statement: 

"He was a kind gentle soul, and his only crime committed that night was drinking and having a good time with his family. He is not a drinker and works 16-hour shifts nearly every day to support his family. His niece's wedding was the first day he was able to come out and celebrate in a long time. This shooting was unjustified, and we are working with a lawyer and the FDLE to get the entire truth out."

"This is a tragic event that has resulted in a loss of life, and we empathize with all those involved and impacted," expressed Acting Chief of Police Pam Marcum.

Knight's father said he has talked to attorney Benjamin Crump about the shooting. However, we're still waiting to find out who the official family attorney will be.

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