6-year-old who was arrested to go to new school after Thanksgiving holiday

The grandmother of a 6-year-old girl arrested at school says she will be heading to a new school thanks to FOX 35 News.

Kaia, 6, stopped going to Lucious and Emma Nixon Academy two months ago after reserve officer Dennis Turner arrested her and another child.

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He was later fired from the Orlando Police Department, and the Orlando police chief apologized to the families.

Kaia’s grandma, Meralyn Kirkland, says the Charter school administrators finally completed the paperwork so she can apply for a Hope Scholarship to a private school.

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After numerous attempts to get the paperwork filled out, FOX 35 News made calls to the Department of Education and the charter school and the form was completed.

The girl's grandmother thanked FOX 35 News and says Kaia plans to start after the Thanksgiving holiday.

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