6-year-old DC boy attacked by another student's parent, mother says

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A D.C. mother said her young son was attacked on an elementary school playground by another student’s mother.

Aisha Diin said her 6-year-old son, Yosef, a first grade student at Drew Elementary School in Northeast D.C., was pushed to the ground and suffered scratches on his face in two places on May 11.

“She picked me up by my neck, threw me on the ground, scratched my face up,” said Yosef.

“He had two Band-Aids on his face when I got there,” Diin said. “I had to put the rage aside because I wanted to know where the parent was,” Diin recalled. “That was my first question – where is the parent at? Oh, the parent isn’t here. Where are the police at? We didn’t call the police. Why wasn’t the police called? The staff just told me that was the principal’s decision.”

However, Principal Na’imah Salahuddin said police were contacted following the incident. In a letter sent home to parents on Friday, she wrote:

A source told FOX 5 the parent was banned from campus and she then removed her child from the school.

What led to the attack? According to Diin, she was told that “somebody had passed gas in his classroom. He had sprayed some Febreze and the Febreze had got on a student.”

A police report was filed in this case and Diin was told a detective spoke to the woman who attacked her son.

“I don’t want this situation to be swept under the rug,” she said.

D.C. police said the incident was still under investigation.