5 neglected donkeys rescued from Pine County, Minnesota property

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Five donkeys, some showing years of neglect, are now being treated after an animal foundation saved them from a Pine County property.

On Wednesday, a group of volunteers from the Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation seized five donkeys. The animals had overgrown hooves, ranging from several inches to more than a foot long, as well as lice.

Like horses, donkey hooves should be trimmed regularly to stay healthy. In this case, the donkeys' hooves had been neglected so long they started curling inwards.

Minnesota Hooved Animal Rescue Foundation Director Drew Fitzpatrick says one donkey's hooves appeared to show several years of growth.

"I can say they were the worst feet I've ever seen," said Fitzpatrick, who has run the foundation for about 20 years.

The five donkeys are now receiving treatment at Anoka Equine. Tomorrow, the clinic will complete x-rays to determine the severity of the damage to the donkeys.

Two donkeys, which resisted capture, are still at the location. The rescue plans to return for them on Thursday.

The case is still under investigation by the Animal Humane Society.

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