5 arrested after reports of attack at Trump rally in Orlando

Orange County deputies arrested five people, accused of battery and assault upon supporters of President Donald Trump, during a rally at the intersection of Alafaya and University.

John Bohl, 77, is back out rallying for President Trump, despite bumps and bruises which he said happened during last week’s event.

"These are all scrapes. It was out in the parking lot," he said.

According to deputies, 21-year-old Jake Rosenhaus tried grabbing the flag, then allegedly punched Bohl in the head.

"They started jerking it away from me. I jerked it back from them and he got mad and he hit me, punched me in the face." 

And a few minutes later, a video recording appears to show someone driving into the lot where Trump supporters were gathered. Bohl appears to touch the vehicle and the person inside appears irate.

"A girl was in a car and she pulled right in the midst of all this from the other side. She spit on me and I held back and then I walked away from her and she leaped out of the car and tackled me from behind," Bohl explained.

Deputies said a total of four adults and one juvenile were arrested on battery and assault charges.

"I got maced in the face that day too. It could have been avoided if they would have let us wave flags for our president and leave us alone," said Jeff Sonksen.

Bohl said he will continue to come out and rally for the president as he did on Tuesday in Casselberry, despite his injuries.

"Its no big deal. I broke a rib, but I went to the hospital and they said it will heal itself, but it’s painful."

Sonksen said it’s sad when people start getting attacked for their political views.

"I refuse to hide in my house. Freedom of speech, I should be able to do this."

Supporters said they stay to one side of the street when rallying and that there's a clear boundary.

Investigators arrested two of the suspects for allegedly trying to run over supporters during the rally. Deputies said they will be back out again, watching over the next rally.