4th Florida prison officer faces charge for inmate beating

A fourth corrections officer is now facing criminal charges for his alleged involvement in the beating of an inmate caught on camera at the Lake Correctional Institution last month.

Ian Gretka, 25, is the fourth corrections officer to be charged in a prison beating that happened at the Lake Correctional Institution near Clermont on July 8. The incident was caught on what is believed to be a contraband cell phone by another inmate in the prison.

The inmate’s name is Otis Miller. According to arrest papers, Gretka hit Miller 13 times in the ribs while the inmate was lying face down with his arms underneath him. The paperwork said Miller suffered broken ribs and bruising on his face, eye and jaw.

Three other corrections officers were charged last month in connection to this beating.  

A news release from the Florida Department of Corrections states that the incident is still under investigation. It says, “…We will ensure that anyone found to have acted outside their authorities or the standards of our Department will be held accountable. As I have stated before, the Florida Department of Corrections will not tolerate inmate abuse at any level.”

Gretka is no longer a prison employee. He has been charged with principal to malicious battery, which is a third degree felony.