40 Days of Generosity launches in Titusville

Titusville is the first city in the country to launch “40 Days of Generosity.”

The program aims to encourage acts of kindness throughout the area.

“It’s amazing what an act of kindness can do…when you’re intentionally kind and generous. I’ve seen many people in tears just because we’ve been kind to them…it’s pretty special,” says Pastor Brian Kluth.

On Sunday night, hundreds of people along with city and county leaders gathered at the Park Avenue Church to kick-off the campaign.

They handed out cards urging people to do something kind.

Community leaders estimate tens of thousands of acts will be carried out between now and the end of October.

The Organizers in Titusville hope the kindness here will spread around the world and inspire other communities to begin their own “40 Days of Generosity.”

After the 40 days is over, Titusville plans to hold a community celebration at Sand Point Park.