3D printed arm revitalizes life for 4th grade musician

 A young cellist in Illinois is making music like she's never been able to before thanks to her new 3D printed arm. 4th grader Tatiana Coletta was born without her left arm, but she has never allowed that to slow her down.

Inspired by her student, teacher Jeanine Woodman, wanted to do something special for Tatiana so she had a company fit her for a special 3D printed arm in her favorite colors. 

"I'm feeling like I could jump off this chair and go to the moon," Coletta said. "I've actually never been able to make a snowman or play the cello that well."

"I customized the arm to her sizing and then sent it off to an engineer in Chicago," Woodman said. "I had to spend about 12 hours assembling it. I'm so happy I could do this for Tatianna."

"She was born without her arm and that's the only life she's known," explained Tatiana's mother Teresa Pimentel. "I'm happy for her. I've seen her struggle all through life and I know this is going to make her life easier and she deserves it."

The non-profit Bravo Waukegan, an organization that helps music students, helped pay for Tatiana's new arm.