37 years in prison for man who stabbed former boss

After a plea deal, a judge gave Caswayne Williams 37 years in prison for stabbing his former boss Davon Brown to death.

Judge Marc Lubet said he'd have sentenced Williams to longer, if he could. In orange county court, Caswayne Williams tried to say he was sorry for what he did.

“I want to start by making an apology to Davon Brown's family,” Williams said, “at the time, I wasn't in my right state of mind, and I didn't mean for it to go as far as it went.”

After his plea to the second-degree murder of his former boss, Davon Brown, Williams’ lawyers tried to get the judge to go easy on him. Arguing that Williams has mental problems and no criminal record, they called the killing an unfortunate anomaly. Judge Lubet didn't buy it.

“This, in my opinion, was a blatant, unmitigated murder,” Lubet said, “it's now time for him to face the music.”

Last September, Williams went to the Walmart where he'd recently been fired, and stabbed Brown to death. Brown had been Williams’ supervisor, there. Brown's family says justice was served.

“Me and my family can now begin a healing process, and he has been held accountable for what he has done to my nephew. It was cruel and senseless, and the judge gave him what he deserved,” said Sabrina Jones, Davon Brown's Aunt.

The judge said he hopes that Williams gets the help he needs in prison, and he gave him a warning - saying he hopes Williams doesn't hurt anyone in there, because they hurt back.