30 cars vandalized in smash and grabs

Dozens of people woke up at apartment complexes along Wymore Road in Altamonte Springs to piles of broken glass around their parking lot and windows missing from their cars. 

"They vandalized my stuff.  I got glass still on the seat," said Sherral Mapps.  She got home around 1 a.m. on Wednesday morning.  "The neighbors came and knocked and knocked real heavy and said the cars got broken into," said Mapps.

That neighbor was Brian Darbski he pulled in around 2:30 and quickly realized something was wrong.   

"I noticed glass on the floor. It was scary. As I'm making my way back to my apartment i'm looking got the left and noticing other cars windows were smashed as well," said Darbski.

Car after car after car most of the neighbors had bagged and taped up their windows by noon.

Paul Godbee had to have his car towed.  "Basically they broke my windshield out. Looks like they were trying to steal my car," said Darbski.  Nothing from his car was stolen, but he was left with more than $1,000 in damages.  Some neighbors reported laptops and GPS's and small valuables stolen.  Sherall s sorting through her BMW.   "They took my bible and put it all the way in the back." 

Godbee walked around and looked at several of the damaged cars.  He's not convinced that these car vandals and burglars knew what they were doing.  "They left finger prints on my car and another car and police found blood in one of the cars," said Godbee.

Both the Seminole County Sheriffs Office and Altamonte Springs Police are investigating. At last check, there were at leas 30 car owners who filed reports.