3-D artists open unique portrait studio in Casselberry

Two 3-D artists believe they’ve opened a portrait studio that is the first of its kind in central Florida.  Corey Kinard and Dave Theisen co-founded Emulat3d.  They use 80 cameras that fire simultaneously to create 360 degree 3-D image of their subject.  That image is sent to a 3-D printer which produces and approximately seven-inch statue.

"The 3-D printer prints… out in full color gypsum and we get it in the mail and it's ready to go," Kinard said.  What comes in the mail is a figurine that looks just like you only much smaller.  "I think it's interesting as a 3-D artists to have something that is actually tangible," Theisen said.  Theisen and Kinard make the 3-D technology they use in their day jobs available to people who want a unique keepsake.  "This is the same type of technology that they use in Triple A game titles to capture athletes and celebrities to be used in video games," Theisen said. 

They started building the array of cameras that fill their studio two years ago in Kinard’s garage. They moved into their studio in Casselberry a few months ago. Their first figurines are of family and friends like Crystal Mellon.  
"I was like you want me to do what?" Mellon said.  Now she looks at her tiny likeness and marvels at the details. 
"If you really go and you take a look at it you can see the coloration on the pants.  I have little all-stars on my Converse .  You can see those when you look at it," she said.

The price of a sitting and a statue starts at $149.