247 cats, 100 exotic birds seized from Fur ‘N Feather Farm in Plant City

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Animal rescuers removed hundreds of cats from deplorable conditions on a rural property in Plant City Friday.

The most recent count on the rescued cats was 247, but officials said that number could climb as they comb the entire property.

Now the Pet Resource Center is caring for the ones who were in good enough shape to be saved.

Unfortunately, a number of them were suffering so badly, they had to be put down. They also said that number may likely go up.

The woman who owns the property, at 3704 Bruton Road, said she's running a rescue called Fur and Feather Farm Inc.

It's not clear if she had anyone helping her but from what officials said Friday, it was a living nightmare for the animals.

“I'll be honest with you, we're still trying to get inside the house,” Lori Letzring told FOX 13 News. “The property itself has a lot of filth, a lot of smell; there were a lot of cats everywhere, some in very sick conditions… The conditions were such that our enforcement team are having to wear personal protection equipment to even work on the property and to help take these cats to safety.”

Officials say there were also more than 100 exotic birds being kept on the property. 

Charges in the case are still pending.