2 honored for saving man from burning home

Two men will be honored with a life-saving award, after Clermont officials say they pulled a man out of a burning home. 

Chris Desmond says a friend was coming over Wednesday, and when he pulled up to his home, he said that there was a fire down the street. 

“I could see it from here. It was billowing out the door,” Desmond said about the smoke. 

Desmond says he jumped on his mountain bike and bolted down a hill to his neighbor’s home. Then without hesitation, he went inside. 

“I got in there and I couldn't see him at first. He was on the other side of the room but the smoke was so thick so I just went out and got a deep breath, went back in with my shirt and stuff, got him picked up but I couldn't get him out by myself,” Desmond explained. 

Desmond says his friend Brian Walker went back inside with him. He says they carried the 60-year-old man out of his home in a charred chair.  

“It was hot, it smelled like burning chemicals. It really was harsh on your lungs,” Desmond said. 

Fire officials say the man who lives in the home ended up going to a local hospital for treatment. They say if Desmond and his friend hadn't gone in to rescue him, things could have been much worse. The two men will soon be honored with a life-saving award. 

“It's just neat to be able to be at the right place, right at the right time,” Desmond said. 

Clermont officials say the fire was caused by a lit cigarette.