2 arrested after leaving child in seat near road

Two people were arrested over the weekend after Brevard County deputies say they left a child near the road, alone, in a car seat. 

Brittany Eggert and Randall Crockett are facing child neglect charges.  Investigators say a man, who happened to be driving through their Cocoa neighborhood for a yard sale on Sunday, called 911 after spotting the toddler. 

“I went by this house about half hour ago, probably about 25 minutes ago. There was a baby outside the car in a car seat,” the man told a dispatcher. 

Deputies say the Good Samaritan called them when he saw the child was still there at the end of the driveway with no adults in sight.  The sheriff’s office responded to Gatewood Street, where they made contact with Eggert and Crockett. Neighbors tell us the two suspects are the child’s parents. 

According to an arrest report, the child’s mother, Eggert, told deputies that the boy was only left unattended for a couple of minutes. But investigators say the time between the 911 call and when they arrived was 16 minutes – and no one was with the child that entire time. 

Deputies say they also learned that the 2-year-old has several medical conditions including seizures, cerebral palsy and he’s blind in both eyes. They were told the child could have a seizure if his body temperature rises and it was 83 degrees outside at the time, according to the report. 
Paramedics checked the toddler out at the scene. DCF has been notified.