Disturbance near Cuba developing, could affect Florida this weekend

The area of organizing weather South of Cuba needs to be watched closely as we head into the weekend.

The system is starting to look rather healthy and environmental conditions look favorable for some further organization. All Florida residents should monitor the latest tropical forecasts and remain prepared should a tropical threat materialize for our area.

The latest from the National Hurricane Center shows the system moving into the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

Developmental chances are up sharply and a depression or storm could form in the coming days. The movement of this feature looks to be in a northwesterly direction over the next few days.

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Forecast modeling shows the disturbance responding to an incoming front that will draw closer to Florida this weekend. 

The approach of the front could curve the system to the Northeast while it's over the Gulf of Mexico, drawing closer to the Gulf South or even the Florida Peninsula. 

If we see a named storm develop and it's possible, it would named ZETA. A named scenario would be most likely as the system pulls away into the open Atlantic, away from land come early next week.

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