Warm December Weather

The active weather pattern will continue for the next 10 days, but changes appear to be looming.  The latest long range models I have looked at indicate a shift in the pattern.  Instead of cold fronts with rain sweeping into Florida every 3-5 days, it looks like the storm track will shift a little north, keeping the active pattern up toward the Carolina's.  We will still get cold fronts, but they will be much weaker with only slight changes in temperatures.  

Since the storm centers will be farther north, this will lessen their ability to pull up Gulf of Mexico moisture.  This will cause our overall monthly rainfall to drop off.  The latest outlook for rainfall also dries out Central Florida.  We usually experience 2.5 - 3.0 inches of rain in Orlando for the month of December.  The lates models grind out a total rainfall of 1.9 - 2.6 inches.  GR