The Smell Of Weather

During fallings air pressure caused by an impending storm, scents both and good and bad are readily released.  The dirt in the earth and all plants are composed of bio-matter that also contains some gas.  These gaseous molecules are naturally contained within the bio-matter and held at a constant pressure.  When the atomospheric pressure lowers due to an approaching storm, some of these gases are released which we note with our nose.  Also, the first smell to arrive ahead of a thunderstorm is ozone.  Molecules containing oxygen are split by the storm's lighting, and the individual oxygen atoms recombine to form O-3....ozone.  The ozone is carried ahead of thunderstorms within the outflow boundary and we smell this unique odor as the "rain".  What we are really smelling is ozone, and plant/bio gases.  So the next time we have some storms approaching you can use your FOX35 Weather App, but also be sure to use your nose too.  GR